Datum: 01 May 2019

Another sunny day on the watch point, with a pack of four buzzards to keep our resident male on his guard!

Weather was sunny and clear.

9.30 GA is on nest and the male is 2 crockets down on the South side of the spire.

10.26 GA eats some stones from the nest to aid her digestion.

10.29 GA starts feedng her chicks with leftover food in the nest.

10.37 GA covers her chicks.

10.42 Male dive bombs intruder buzzard several times to the East.

10.50 Male returns and lands 2 crockets from the top of the spire on the East side.

11.15 Male flies North.

11.18 GA hops on to the ledge of the nest box and is very vocal. She then flies around the spire and returns to the nest. The male returns later with food and leaves. GA then feeds the chicks with the food.

11.21 Male lands 2 crockets down on the East side of the spire.

12.08 Male flies around the spire and then heads off East.

12.29 Four buzzards circle high overhead and the male flies up with them. He circles the group, but doesn't engage.

12.57 Incubation change over! The male feeds the chicks after returning, while GA flies around the spire and lands on the golden bales.

13.02 Male takes leftover food from the nest box and flies off with it. Both adults fly off South East chasing a buzzard. GA returns to the nest but is on high alert.

13.05 The male lands on the 2nd crocket down on the East side of the spire, while GA incubates chicks.

13.15 Four buzzards pass over from the North to the South East. The male briefly circles them and then lands 2 crockets down again.

13.30 The male flies West.

14.00 The male returns to feed the chicks while GA flies off to the South West.

14.10 The male covers the chicks.

15.00 The male perches on the ledge of the nest box and preens.

15.15 The male leaves the nest heading South West, leaving the chicks vulnerable.

15.29 The male returns, takes leftover food in the nest box and feeds himself and the chicks.

15.47 GA returns! She lands on the 3rd crocket down on the South side.

15.53 GA flies around to the North side plucking window and then up to the golden bales to feed.

16.00 Incubation change over! GA feeds the chicks while the male flies up to the 2nd crocket on the East side.

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