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All times per the webcam, which is running about 4 minutes fast.

7:05am The day starts with bright sunshine in prospect for the whole day.   At this point the male is on the platform (Listening to radio 5 live).

7:25    The male is up and preening.   Moments later he takes wing.

7:27    GA arrives on the platform.   The male was close by, as he was seen briefly on camera in the background at the same time.

8:00 GA is standing over the eggs, tail flicking up every every few seconds.   Possibly egg number 4??

8.02 The fourth egg was laid!

Egg number 4 just visible beyond the camera strut.   Paler than the others, the forth egg in the clutch is always paler than the rest due to less pigmentation in the shell.

9:00    GA in place, now incubating the 4 eggs.   Still very blustery on the platform.

This is a good view of GA’s plumage, highlighting the barring on her back feathers.  

9:30    After a period of inactivity, GA begins picking at stones, and as usually happens, she moves off the eggs to reveal……FOUR!!

9:40    GA looks up and tracks something.   No call, so probably not the Tiercel.

10:11  GA looking about as gulls are heard in the background.

10:15  GA looking about again, particularly straight up the spire, so maybe the Tiercel is perched up there.

10:19  Possible sighting of the Tiercel in flight to the East.

10:23  Tiercel arrives, animated calling by both birds, but no changeover takes place so he leaves again a minute later.

10:54  GA has a shuffle round, but doesn’t seem entirely settled.

11:01  GA still not really settled, looking round at fairly frequent intervals.   No calling going on.

11.00 :-  GA brooding the eggs

11.27:-  Tiercel arrives carrying prey in talons a starling. GA left as male arrives. Four eggs uncovered in full sunlight as male devoured the prey.

11.37:-  Tiercel left with remains of his meal. Eggs remain uncovered

11.40:-  GA returns and immediately commences brooding eggs

12.25 Tiercel returns. Falcon leaves. Tiercel commences brooding 

13.00:- Tiercel remains brooding

Weather Conditions: 9C sun and light wind. 

13.00 Tiercel incubating

13.14  Tiercel jumps to ledge, then flies off.  4 eggs seen in scrape. 

13.30  4 eggs exposed in sunshine
13.36  GA flies in, clucks to eggs and settles on eggs

14.00  GA incubating

14.30  GA incubating. (In shadow)

14.49  Tiercel flies in with small plucked prey, then flies off again with prey.  GA continues to incubate. 

15.00. GA incubating eggs

15.07   GA turning around and resettling on her eggs

15.35. GA shuffling round on her eggs a bit and resettling

15.50. GA has another shuffle around

16.15. GA leaves nest and flies off and male immediately takes over incubation

16.34. Male shuffles round a bit over a couple of minutes

17.00 Male still incubating eggs.



A big thank you to all of today’s volunteers for recording this activity Log- Peter Ducker, Keith Gerrard, Richard Edwards, Julia Leach, Eileen Wyatt and Graham Long.



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