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Norwich News Feed

June 11, 2020

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 11/06/20

10.01 Juvenile on the NE Turret. 10.31 GA 2…
June 10, 2020

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 10/06/20

8.03 TD is seen perching on a very low wall on…

Norwich Peregrines Activity Log- 09/06/20- TD and TB Fledged!

Jun 10, 2020
5-30-6.00 TD fledged and landed on the East side of the South Transept above some…

Bath Peregrines News Feed

July 15, 2019

Bath Peregrines - Live Feed

The Bath Peregrines live feed is now back online.…
June 11, 2019

Bath Peregrines - Live Feed

The live feed from the nest box camera at St…

Juvenile TX is Back in Bath

May 31, 2019
Female TX, which left the nest box backwards on 18 May having ‘won’ a tug o’ war over a…

Norwich Peregrine Activity Log 25th March 2020

Since Monday, the webcam time has been adjusted.

7:33       First view of the day, which again is set fine, with less breeze.   The Tiercel is on duty at this point.

8:50       Just an observation, there is visibly much less traffic on Barrack Street(in the background) this morning!

8:51       The Tiercel is being buzzed periodically by a very large fly!

Cheeky devil even prepared to land on the peregrine’s back!

9:11       Tiercel has a shuffle about after a short spell of stone picking, and re-settles facing south-east.

9:17       Dozing in the sun!

I hadn’t appreciated that the peregrine’s lower eyelid covers most, if not all of the eye when the bird closes its eyes.

9:38       Tiercel suddenly raised his head, looking to the south-east, but after a few seconds relaxed again.

9:41       Tiercel looking around, beak moving slightly, but no sound audible.

9:53       After a brief preening session, the Tiercel shuffles round to face more eastwards, and resumes stone picking.

…and back again!

10:30     Another shuffle round, to face north-east this time.

10:55     Calls from off camera, then GA arrives to change over.   Tiercel leaves for brunch/lunch/whatever!

11:03     GA still settling down, but it is immediately apparent that there is enough breeze to ruffle her feathers!

11.00 Just after change over GA settling down to brood.

             She stone picks

11.06 GA shuffles round to face the east. settles down again. Feathers blowing in wind.

11.12 A pattern is established. She looks up, looks around, occasional cocking of head to look up spire or perhaps listening.

(intermittent freezing of feed)

11.22.35   GA breathing deeply.

Feathers blowing in wind.

11.31.18 - Takes a book look over each should.

11.34.42 - Seems a little more settled and relaxed

11.42.26 - GA looks up to spire from time to time. here’s an example.

11.45.27 - GA starts coughing up pellet. Here are a variety of photos. She stands up leaves clutch and walks east.

11.49.07 - GA returns to eggs

11.48.58 - GA settles and starts brooding - facing west & camera

11.50.51 - Now follow a sequence when she shows the following behaviour:

  • Beady eyed, alert and looking round
  • Puffed up feathers in wind
  • Closes eye lids briefly when she looks as if she is nodding off - but only for a couple of seconds
  • Opens and closes beak - quickly 4 or 5 times with no noise

12.23.21 - GA lifts head and appears to be unrelaxed. What has she seen?

12.27.20 - GA moves off eggs, turns them and settles back down facing north.

12.34.25 - She doesn’t appear to like this position as she starts to bite the ironwork. Perhaps she is too close to the metal.

12.39.23 - She decides to move around and settles down to face north east.

12.42.49 - she hunkers down and appears to be resting. She looks up only occasionally

At the end of my shift she stands up to turn eggs.

13:00 – GA brooding

13:05 – GA brooding

13:10 – GA brooding

13:15 – GA brooding

13:20 – GA brooding

13:25 – GA brooding

13:31 – GA flies off

13:33 – Male returns, starts brooding

13:35 – Male brooding

13:40 – Male brooding

13:45 – Male brooding

13:50 – Male brooding

13:52 – Male calling

13:55 – Male brooding

14:00 – Male brooding

14:05 – Male brooding

14:10 – Male brooding

14:15 – Male brooding

14:20 – Male brooding

14:25 – Male brooding

14:30 – Male Repositioning

14:35 – Male brooding

14:40 – Male brooding

14:45 – Male brooding

14:50 – Male brooding

14:51 – Male flies off

14:52 – Male returns

o             Lots of calling from the female

14:55 – Male brooding

14:56 – Female calling

15:00 – Male Brooding

 15.00 – Male? Brooding over eggs, head is tucked down low, but occasionally darts head up

 15.07 – brooding over nest, Head held low

 15.12 – Head up, alert and searching

 15.16 – returns to brooding position with head held low

 15.25 - Male continues to brood with low head position,but occasionally sticks head up in alert motions. 

*15.37 - Changes position and 'wiggle' turns eggs over 

15.44 - Continues to brood

15.57- No change

16.00  - Male hears possible bird call and looks up

*16.01 - Male turns eggs over

16.02 - Male returns to brooding

16.16 - No change 

*16.25 - Male adjusts position and turns over eggs 

16. 26 - Continues to brood over eggs

16.39 - occasional bouts of alert behaviour

*16.45 - Moves eggs again

16.45- Returns  to brooding over eggs

16.50- no change

17.00 - no change

Thank you to todays volunteers for this daily blog: Peter  Ducker, Suzanna Bunting, Liam Barker and Ben Vince