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Norwich News Feed

June 25, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 25/06/2019

Another day at the watch point, with lots of…
June 24, 2019

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 24/06/2019

Today was a quiet and humid day at the watch…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 23/06/19

Jun 23, 2019
A busy day at the watchpoint and the Bishops garden lots of visitors and plenty of…

Bath Peregrines News Feed

June 11, 2019

Bath Peregrines - Live Feed

The live feed from the nest box camera at St…
May 31, 2019

Juvenile TX is Back in Bath

Female TX, which left the nest box backwards on…

Flight Capable Juveniles at Bath

May 28, 2019
A check today has confirmed that all three of the recently fledged Bath juveniles are…

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log 10/06/2019

Bit of a short blog from the watch point as the weather has finally given in to heavy rain, which caused us to close early. However, we did spot the young fledgelings on the bell tower, sheltering from the bad weather!

10.00 GA is 1 crocket to the South of the nest box. The male is 2 crockets down from the top window.

10.20 Both adults fly about the cathedral, trying to encourage the fledgelings who are on the West side of the bell tower.

10.24 GA lands 2 crockets down from the top. The male lands 1 crocket below the nest box.

10.47 GA flies off and lands above the top window.

11.36 Male flies off and lands on the bell tower.

11.38 GA flies off to the East.

12.07 GA returns and lands on the golden bales.

12.44 Both adults fly to the West suddenly.

12.46 Male returns and lands on the South West middle window apex. GA also returns and lands below the top window.

13.00 That's all folks!